“Mac quite literally lives and breathes marketing and media buying."

- Jay Bird

Universally considered the world’s the #1 expert on the YouTube Ads algorithms, generating over $1.3B in trackable revenue

“Mac is a fantastic media buyer and digital marketer. He has a keen eye for detail and always ensures that our campaigns are optimized for maximum performance.”

– Jason Stogsdill

Head Of Advertising Grant Cardone Enterprises

"Mac scaled my brand new business from $0 – $150K rev within 60 days of launch. We averaged over 10x ROAS. Fast forward to now a year later, we are one of the largest players in our industry."

- Adam Wieczorek

Freelance Marketer & Founder of Bleu Sky

"Mac knows how to test offers. He provided us with a low-cost short-cut process to test the marketability of products before building a whole funnel around them."

- Jonathan Sherman

Founder of Biz Marketing Pros

"Mac has an innate ability to look at a business and create offers that are exactly what their customers want and need."

- Quentin Hunter

Founder of Online Sales Consultancy

“Mac is a sharp guy. His energy is contagious. He has the rare ability to cut through the complexity of marketing and get to the core of what is really important, and hence profitable. He then uses that core knowledge to get actual results with a high ROI.”

- David "dk" Klien

Founder of TallBox Marketing

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